Full of history and culture, with an impressive geographical position and surrounded by detached landscapes, as if, from fairy tales, the city at the foot of Tâmpa will surely impress you and offer you a special vacation Brasov is located in the heart of Romania, in the bend of the Carpathian arc and fully benefits from the influence of history. One of the great cities of Romania, Brasov, has a special charm that is hard to express in words that would do it justice. It is a city of contrasts, a modern city and yet rich in history, in which the influences of various minorities blend harmoniously and the lifestyle here, much calmer and quieter, resistant as the years go by, is protected by the mountains surrounding the city. For the tourist passionate about special places and hidden treasures, Brasov has a lot to offer, difficult to crowd in just a few hours of light. And yet, a day spent in Brasov stays alive in the memory of the traveler for a lifetime.

Brasov is one of the most important cities in Romania from an economic and cultural point of view, the seventh in terms of population, and also one of the most beautiful. Located on one of the oldest trade routes linking the three old Romanian regions - Moldova, Transylvania and Wallachia -, about 170 km north of Bucharest and in the immediate vicinity of Prahova Valley, Brasov is, from a tourist point of view, the city that attracts as a magnet both visitors from abroad and Romanians, who come from all over the country to admire its beauties, many of them with deep historical roots. Founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1211 and documented for the first time under its current name in 1251, the city became the center of a colony of Saxon merchants who produced, sold and bought clothes, weapons, metal objects and wax. The name of the city came (according to a study by Dragoș Moldovanu) from that of the river Bârsa (or Bărsa), a term that referred to a piece of wood in the plow. The Slavs took the name, transformed it into Barșov and, later, into Brașov, the city bearing, in a period of sad memory (1950-1960) the name Stalin City. Only 13 km from Brașov, high in the Postăvarul mountains, is the most beautiful winter resort, Poiana Braşov. Here, winter sports, mainly skiing and snowboarding, bring thousands of tourists from all over Europe in the winter season. Horse-drawn sleigh rides, snowmobiling or skating are just some of the activities available in Poiana Brasov.

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